AUTISM FRIENDLY VILLA IN SPAIN Chiclana De La Frontera - Costa De La Luz We have adapted our lovely villa to meet the needs of our severely autistic non verbal child. The villa has a soft tub for all round warm sensory input.  An outdoor swimming pool fully enclosed.  A play area on grass.  A tennis court area with full fencing providing football nets, special needs trike and special needs go kart. The villa has a sensory room which can be used as a dark den to chill out in. A commericial ball pool with soft play mats and a peanut ball to stimpulate sensory input. Doors have star locks to keep your little ones safe and provide some boundaries. I will provide visuals to help aid the transition from the villa to the beach and other activities, in addition to visuals to use for planning your stay at the villa. We are in the process of building a sand pit as our little boy loves the sand as do many autistic and special needs children.  We will have a lockable lid for any young people who may have PICA and not be able to resist the temptation of eating the sand!  Telephone 07495 547792     NO WORRIES AT LAST !  A HOLIDAY VILLA WITH THE NEEDS OF YOUR AUTISTIC CHILD IN MIND. PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE A CHILD THAT MAY BENEFIT FROM THE CHANGES WE HAVE MADE TO OUR VILLA TO ENABLE OTHER FAMILIES TO ENJOY A QUIET BREAK IN THE SUN. no worries :- about others judging behaviour no worries :- about fitting in no worries :- about flapping, spinning, rocking, screaming no worries :- about table manners no  worries :- about noise, lights, sirens, crowds,           no worries :- about neuro typical siblings being bored  


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